Interactive Atlases

While we promote traditional forms of Inuit learning, we live in a rapidly changing world. Cultural knowledge is disappearing with the loss of Elder generations, and the breakdown of oral strategies for knowledge transmission.  This coincides with an era in which Inuit are increasingly choosing to interact through virtual means. Digital strategies have become an opportunity for us to communicate and maintain our culture, language and knowledge through social networks, online databases, and software developed specifically for this purpose.

We are dedicated to merging the ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ to change how cultural knowledge is learned, stored, and transmitted throughout the Arctic. We are committed to developing digital platforms capable of meaningfully integrating cultural knowledge.  

That’s why we have been developing digital applications for the preservation and transmission of Inuinnait knowledge for over a decade. We have worked in partnership with the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre at Carleton University to produce a series of Inuit Knowledge Atlases that you will see below. These atlases are built with a flexible open-source platform called Nunaliit and are designed specifically for use in the North. ​