Inuinnaqtun Pitiksiliurniq

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Inuinnaqtun Pitiksiliurniq

This virtual exhibit looks at the centuries-old traditions associated with Inuinnaqtun bow making.

Several Elders in Inuinnait communities today remember their parents and grandparents building and using bows, and many have even built and taken animals with bows themselves. In Cambridge Bay from November 11-14, 2005 and in Kugluktuk from January 20-23, 2006, Elders and youth were brought together for the purpose of building traditional Inuinnaqtun bows, and recording the Elders knowledge of bows, bow making, and hunting with bows. Over four days, workshop participants gained insight into their heritage by crafting a wooden bow while Elders provided demonstrations, advice and oral traditions.  The Elders knowledge and experiences of bow making and hunting with the bow were recorded, as well as many Inuinnaqtun terms for bows, arrows and hunting techniques. 

Out of these workshops, this virtual exhibit came to life.