Inuinnaujugut Podcast – Episode 22 – Diveky Collection – Robert Kimaktok December 9, 1976 – Two Stories About Raven

This audio is from the collection Inuinnaujugut / We Are Inuinnait Podcast

Robert Kimaktok tells two stories about Tulugarjuaq.

In 2021, PI/KHS received a donation of almost three hundred Inuinnaqtun and Inuktitut cassette tape and reel-to reel recordings of Inuit Elders and knowledge holders. These recordings were documented by George Diveky throughout the 1970s, during he and his wife Janet’s time as teachers in Kugaaruk and Kugluktuk.  As a student of  Anthropology and Inuktut, George envisioned the recording project as a platform for knowledge-keeping during an era of rapid change in the Arctic, and a way to preserve valuable cultural and linguistic information for future generations of learners.